Monday, August 30, 2010

Do Fun Stuff!

The day is here! This kids album that Mindy and I have a song on that I was blabbering about a while back is out and it's awesome. A friend once described my songwriting style as "nice music for people with good jobs". And it's true! A lot of you reading this have nice-ass jobs - so go spend $10 buying this sweet piece of kinder music and then you can have your Executive Assistant burn copies for your sisters as Christmas presents, which is kind of a cheap move, but you didn't get where you are today by giving the store away for free!

Below is a computer picture that tells you everything you have to do to get these songs all for your very own while serving an important cause.

I really do hope that you'll go check this out and buy the album or just a couple songs even - whatever works for you.




  1. Hi Steve,
    I bought the Do Fun Stuff album off iTunes a) because of the great cause but b) your song Nothing. I'd love to make a video of my daughter's last year like Ryan did for LB and use it as the audio. Could I buy an MP3 from you? Thanks! Antonia

  2. Steve,

    Hope and wait is still my favorite cd of all time. All in all is one of my favorite songs. For people who don't get out to Orlando very often, how can I get more of your music?

    A fan

    1. H & W is also one of my all timers too I love all the songs with my fav being Carflips